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This project has taken 800 square feet of unused space and turned it into living area. The attic floor has been completed.  We dropped the ceiling eight inches to allow for venting and insulation.  We've completed the walls around the room and installed two octagon windows where vents used to be.  Wiring and lighting are next on the agenda for this room.

Attic After


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We are currently undertaking a complete reconstruction of our new home. 

Built in the early 1900's and moved to its current site in 1929, this 3200+ square foot home appears to have undergone a major renovation at least once in the past.  So far, evidence points to the addition of two rooms and a screen porch to each floor, as well as the installation of a rear spiral staircase at the time of the move.  Additionally, a new hardwood floor was put down over the existing floor and new windows where installed.

At some point in the last seventy years, the house was converted to an apartment building.  The staircase was walled in and a second door was put in the front of the house.  Years of ever changing occupants and several different owners have led to a serious decline in the condition of the home.

In an effort to restore this house to its former glory, we have begun a total reconstruction of the building.  To save costs and to allow for a more extensive remodel, my wife and I are doing all of the work ourselves with the help of family and friends. 

We have completed the removal of over 50 tons of old plaster and drywall on both floors.  We have also replaced several of the main 8"x8" support beams that support the house.  Our biggest endeavor so far, has been the removal of the wall between the family room and kitchen and the installation of a 23' steel beam to provide support. 

We have finally completed the installation of three new stairways.  These will give us better access to the second floor and attic as well as an indoor path to the basement.  The attic contains over 800 square feet of usable space that was never utilized by the former owners.  We have installed new floor joist and are in the process of building walls around the perimeter to make this a new addition to the home.

The two screen porches on the back of the house have been enclosed to add more floor space.  The upstairs porch has been added to a bedroom and the downstairs has been turned into a guest bathroom.

We have now replaced all 28 windows.  We installed two octagon windows in the attic where louvered vents had been.  The siding and gutters have also been repaired or when necessary replaced.

The wooden decking has been removed from the front porch.  The area was filled and a new concrete pad has been poured.  Tile will be installed over the entire area including the front walk towards the end of the project.

With the removal of the two separate front doors, the new front door unit has been centered on the front porch.  The new door has full length glass sidelights and a full width transom.

The plumbing is now installed along with the central vacuum system  The electrical wiring is currently being installed.

This project still has several large projects to go.  The repair and piecing in of several places in the hardwood floors, network wiring, installation of two fireplaces and the installation of custom kitchen cabinets and granite countertops, just to name a few..


The total reconstruction of a house of this age is a very expensive and time consuming undertaking.  If you would like to make a donation to aid in this project, please mail your check or money order to:

Fix This Old House
PO Box 1821
Greeneville, TN 37744-1821

Every dollar that is donated will go for building materials to make this renovation project as complete as possible. 

Thank you for your support.

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